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Syccure Inc. offers the first Policy-Based Access Control (PBAC) software designed for use by business people. Our straightforward solution to security rules management enables organizations to create, coordinate and enforce who can access assets across their digital landscape.


One SaaS-Based Platform For Every Industry

CreateTakes minutes not days

Syccure enables employees across different departments to safely and effectively generate rules-based policies in plain English text.

Users can leverage standardized policy blueprints that can be reused, edited and enhanced for their specific business needs.

CoordinateAutonomous synchronization

Syccure dynamically coordinates and integrates with other platforms and vendors within your security stack.

The platform maps workflows across systems, users and stakeholders asynchronously to ensure work streams are conducted in parallel, while eliminating redundant or duplicative policies.

EnforceAutomated based on policy

Syccure understands business logic and enterprise requirements to execute smart contracts and autonomously enforce security policies.

The platform securely abstracts the complexities of policy enforcement away, enabling users to focus on their business objectives and competitive edge.

Use Cases

Manage Contractor Access
  • The Issue

    Managing the lifecycle of external vendors is difficult because it has so many moving pieces, not to mention ensuring that external access is safe and secure.

  • Using Syccure

    Allow a business user to onboard external users, set access boundaries, and ensure safe access using the Syccure Agent. When the project is over, automatic or one-click deprovisioning will remove access to your assets.

  • Your Benefits

    Within minutes, you can manage access to resources without worrying about policy conflicts, relying on inefficient manual processes, or exposing yourself to end-device security risks.

Regulatory Compliance
  • The Issue

    Companies today are subject to a whole host of regulatory environments, and failure to comply can come with severe penalties. Even if you’re compliant today, a single mistake tomorrow can cost millions.

  • Using Syccure

    Quickly and easily set up rules to follow regulations, and create records of compliance. Syccure uses DAML to ensure policies cannot conflict, and provide an immutable audit trail.

  • Your Benefits

    You get to stay ahead of the regulatory curve by using software defined compliance to remove the risk of human error in your organization.

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